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We are all called by God to be good stewards of the gifts He has given us. As good stewards, we encourage you to:

  • Contact your fellow parishoners, your parish priest, your parish president, your parish treasurer, your parish council, your dean, your metropolitan council representative and your bishop about this website. Their email addresses are available at Encourage them to read this website. Let them know you are concerned and want a full discussion of these issues as soon as possible.

  • Give generously to all charities supported by the OCA - but give the money directly to a specific mission, directly to the Seminary of your choice, or to the IOCC directly. Return every Appeal envelope from Syosset back to Syosset, with a notation - "I gave directly."
  • They'll know why! Encourage your parish, your deanery, your diocese to do the same until things change.

  • Give generously to support the OCA - but let them know you are not mailing your FOS check today, not making your bequest today, until there is a full discussion and resolution of these issues. Encourage your parish, deanery and parish institutions (sisterhoods, auxiliaries, etc. ) to do the same.

  • Participate in your parish council, your Diocesan Assembly and preparations for the AAC today! Encourage these bodies to directly address your concerns about the lack of financial transparency and integrity in the OC by putting it on the agenda and in the minutes. Encourage your Bishop to have a full and open discussion of these matters with his deans, clergy and laity.



What Others Are Doing:

"The OCA cannot heal itself by keeping silent anymore than keeping silent can make the dumb to speak or the deaf to hear."

  --An OCA Priest


• Have you written the Metropolitan, your Bishop, your Metropolitan Council member

today? If so, please consider sharing it with us for others to read.

• Has your parish council or parish written or adopted something regarding the life of the OCA today? We'll post it here for others to read as well.

Read what some parishes have written here

• Has your sisterhood, organization or fellowship written something or adopted a resolution? If so, we'll post it here as well...

Read what some organizations have written here

• Has your deanery written something or adopted resolutions regarding the scandal? We'll post it here for others to read as well.

Read what some deaneries have written here

• Are you going to attend your Diocesan Assembly as a delegate or guest to speak with delegates about these issues?

If your diocese adopts a statement or resolution, we'll post it here as well...

Read what some Dioceses have written here:

Now is the time for your voice be heard!