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In its March-January 2011 issue, the official  publication of the Banat Metropolia,”Altarul Banatului”,published an articol,entitled “In Memoriam” and signed by Fr. Horia Taru.

The article was about the late Metropolitan of Cluj, Bartolomeu Valeriu Anania. Fr. Horia Taru can write whatever he wants and can hold whatever opinion he choose. However, he is not entitled to his own facts.

On page 10 of the mentioned publication Horia Taru said

Valerian Trifa had no valid ordination, he had no apostolic succession, he was not in possession of the Godly gift, and consistently he had all qualities except one: he was no bishop”. All those things were made in reference to the year 1965.

In 1965 Archbishop Valerian was a full member of the Holy Synod of an American Orthodox entity with a much longer history than that of today's Romanian Orthodox Patriarchate.

+ Valerian was the ruling bishop of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America who, since 1960 was an equal and respected part of that American Orthodox organization. Those who choose to say otherwise simply lie. That is not a matter of opinion, of interpretation or speculation. It is simply a fact that in 1965 Valerian was a valid and canonical bishop in the Metropolia, later known as the OCA. Why Fr. Horia Taru made a deliberate choice, mind you in 2011, to lie is anyone’s guess. Frankly, coming from a representative of the cleptocratic Romanian Patriarchate it should be no big surprise.

Since 1950 the Patriarchate, then a pathetic communist tool, consistently and without respite  has insulted, slandered and misrepresented the “Vatra” episcopate. The arsenal of venom used was no different in the fifties of the previous century than that used by Horia Tarna in 2011.

It is simply the consistency of irrational hate.

But what is really stunning is the deafening silence of a segment of the “Vatra”’ clergy in regard to that text.

This “certain” segment of the“Vatra” clergy, at least some of them, some of those who were ordained into priesthood through the laying of Valerian’s han , some of whom today as member of the JDC(Joint Commission of Dialogue) promote a subordination (“union” they say) toward the Romanian cleptocratic Patriarchate were informed about Horia Taru’s text.

Their reaction was, as I said, a deafening silence. That is not a surprise -- that is stunning!

Repeatedly members of the “Vatra”’ Episcopate have expressed reservation in regard to the nefarious project of subordination, equally repeatedly they have been ignored. Repeatedly those who expressed publicly their reservations in regard to the nefarious project of subordination were inslulted, threaten, slandered. But it seem that the truth has its own way to become obvious. The shameful silence of that segment of the “Vatra” clergy, when the memory of Archbishop Valerian is savagely attacked, is such an occasion.

I have said several times that by promoting the nefarious project of subordination toward the Romanian cleptocratic Patriarchate, certain members of the “Vatra” s clergy proved not only whose friends they are, but they proved what sort of friends they are. But I confess that this shameful silence surpasses even my imagination.  The fact that these people, ordained into priesthood by Valerian’s laying of the hands, did not -- and do not -- say a word in his memory or defense is a painful disgrace.

Alexandru Nemoianu
“Valerian D. Trifa.Romanian-American Heritage Center”




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