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Three Dioceses Hold Assemblies in Seattle Prior to AAC

As previously announced, the Dioceses of the West, Midwest and South are all holding Diocesan Assemblies in Seattle prior to the Opening Session of the 16th All American Council out of concerns for costs.

• The Diocese of the West will meet in one 2.5 hour session on Monday morning, October 31st. You can read the reports that will be offered to the Assembly here.

• The Diocese of the Midwest will meet both in the morning and the afternoon for two 2.5 sessions today. Given the “abbreviation” of the Assembly, Bishop Matthias, with the agreement of his Diocesan Council and the Deans, has announced that there will be no elections at this Assembly. Instead, the Bishop has extended the term of office for all Diocesan Council members and elected Auditors for one additional year, and regular elections will be conducted at next year’s Diocesan Assembly in October 2012. You can read the reports offered to the Assembly here.

• The Diocese of the South will meet for one 3 hour session this afternoon. Bishop Nikon, the locum tenens, is not expected to attend, due to his recent surgery. (Editor's update: Bishop Melchizedek has been appointed by the Synod to chair this meeting in his place.) This Assembly will receive an update from the Episcopal Search Committee, as well as conduct elections for the Metropolitan Council, the Diocesan Council and the Audit Committes. You can read the reports offered to that Assembly here.

Of special note are the complete reports ( and fascinating....) from each parish from the Diocese of the West, as well as the MC report from Dr. Dmitri Solodow (West) and Fr. Alexander Kuchta (Midwest) when compared to that of the delegates from the South. There are also some surprising monastic reports.

The 16th All American Council of the OCA begins this evening at 6 PM. It is not clear how the unexpected snowfall in the East may disrupt travel.

- Mark Stokoe



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