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This link is faciliate quick access to specific documents. The following documents are placed in historical context in the "Chronology of the Scandal". We encourage you to read that section before downloading these.


(0) 1993 Audit Committee Memo

(1) Audit Memo 06-26-97

(2) Wheeler 10-97

(3) Wheeler's Account 06-20-99

(4) Audit Committee 07-08-99

(5) Holy Synod On Account 07-26-99

(6) Kozey To Theodosius 09-21-99

(7) Taylor To Herman 09-22-00

(8) Taylor To Herman 09-28-00

(9) Kozey To Met Council 09-28-99

(10) Reorganization Announced 10-01-99

(11) Read the July 26, 1999 Address of the Primate to the AAC

(12) Read The Orthodox News Story (Page 2)

(13) Read Kozey’s letter

(14) Read the Adminstrative Council’s quote to Kozey from Orthodox News (11/17/99)

(15) Read Kozey’s response

(16) Read the Orthodox News story

(17) Read the Orthodox News story

(18) Read the Metropolitan Council’s press release

(19) Read the Orthodox News story

(20) Read former Met Council member Greg Nescott’s account

(21) Read former Met Council member Mark Stokoe’s January 2000 Report to the Midwest Diocesan Council

(22) Read Stokoe’s letter to his Dean on what happened at that meeting.

(23) Read Rock’s email

(24) Read Kennedy’s Letter

(25) Read Taylors’ Letter

(26) Read the Auditor’s Report

(27) Read the Orthodox News Story

(28) Read Metropolitan Theodosius’s Report to the Metropolitan Council

(29) Read Kozey’s letter

(30) Read the Midwest Resolution

(31) Read Syosset’s reply

(32) Read +Job’s letter

(33) Read Wheeler’s letter(Excerpts)

(34) Wheeler’s "Call to Accountability

(36) Read Wheeler’s second letter

(37) Read the story

(35) Read +Herman’s decision

(38) Read Fr. Jason Kappanadze’s posting of November 21

(38.5) notice to desist.

(39) Read the article “Moves & Countermoves”

(40) Read the Minutes of the Columbus Deanery Meeting (Excerpts)

(41) Read +Job’s letter.

(42) Read Fr. Grigorieff’s letter

(42) Read +Job’s request.

(43) "Best Practices"

(44) Read the Report of the Acting Treasurer on January 20,2006

(45) The Strategic Plan


To view documents you will need Adobe Reader (or Adobe Acrobat)