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Before Considering One Should Talk...

A suggestion was made by Fr. Andrew Moore that consideration be given to electing Bishop Hilarion as Metropolitan for the OCA.  Before considering one should talk to Bishop Basil Osborne or other clergy from the past diocese of Metropolitan Anthony. 

Metropolitan Anthony, who was my spiritual Father, originally asked Bishop Hilarion to come in as vicar Bishop and assist him.  Instead of assisting the Metropolitan it was reported by the Metropolitan Bishop Basil and many clergy that Bishop Hilarion divided the diocese; exploiting existing tensions.  Metropolitan Anthony requested that Moscow remove Bishop Hilarion as vicar Bishop.  In time, Bishop Hilarion was removed.  I would suggest that Fr. Moore contact Bishop Basil and other clergy and laity before making this consideration for election.
                                                                                                  Fr. John Scollard                                                                 Rector St. John The Baptist Albanian Orthodox Church      Dean of Clergy For Mass. (Albanian Archdiocese) OCA


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