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Diocese of Alaska
The Orthodox Church in America

The Right Reverend BENJAMIN
Bishop of San Francisco and the West
Administrator of the Diocese of Alaska

July 3, 2008

To the Very Reverend and Reverend Clergy and Faithful of the Diocese of Alaska:

In the interest of financial transparency and to respond to a recent memorandum, I wish to share with you information I received from the First National Bank of Alaska:


Loan Number Net Payoff as of 6/27/08 / Collateral

*******45 $212,135.24
LT 6 BLK 110 Original Townsite of Anchorage

*******19 $112,605.90

LT 6B St. Innocent Subdivision

*******46 $218,842.44 Tract A & L
US Survey 404

*******38 $363,341.68 Unsecured – Assignment of Escrow 52767779 as abundance of caution

The total net payoff for the loans of the Diocese of Sitka and Alaska amounts to $906,925.26.

One wonders why anyone would say otherwise.

These and other financial matters will be discussed with the Diocesan Council at a meeting that has been called for August 12 at 10:00 a.m. at the St. Innocent Cathedral in Anchorage. I can assure you all that we will address the diocesan indebtedness and management of the Church’s assets along with many other important matters.

The tradition of our Church encourages us not to cast blame on others in the hope of self-justification, but to ask for God’s forgiveness for our failures and thank Him for whatever success we may have in the management of what ultimately belongs to Him. I would ask you all to pray for the peace of the diocese and for the welfare of Bishop NIKOLAI who is, as I understand it, in Australia.

Asking God’s blessing upon you all, I am,

Bishop of San Francisco and the West
Administrator of the Diocese of Alaska










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